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Production of a new kind of cheese started in Turkmenistan

A new type The production of cheese under the brand name "Paýtagt" began in Dashoguz velayat of Turkmenistan. The production of this type of dairy products with a fat content of 45% will start production of this type of dairy products at a modern meat and dairy complex operating in the Dashoguz region of Turkmenistan. named after Saparmurat Niyazov. Saparmurat Niyazov district.

The main The main specialization of the cattle-breeding complex is to keep 500 cattle. cattle in the amount of 500 heads. Annually the enterprise processes 120 tons of meat and 2,0 thousand tons of milk. The production facilities of the complex are represented by modern high-tech equipment from the famous foreign manufacturers.

The structure The structure of the enterprise is formed by the meat and dairy departments. The main specialization of the meat meat processing and production of a wide range of sausages. At The dairy shop produces a line of high quality products, which are invariably in demand among customers. It is not only pasteurized milk, kefir and butter, but also yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, feta cheese, ayran and other varieties of dairy products.

Thanks to high-tech specialized equipment with which the complex is equipped, it has already mastered the production of 7 varieties of meat and 17 varieties of dairy products. The products produced by the enterprise since the beginning of this year have already brought him an income of 300 thousand manats.


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