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Methanol production to be launched in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan intends to organize methanol and polyvinyl acetate production. To this end, a consortium of EdisonTechnologies, Sinopec Engineering Group, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions, and MMEC Mannesmann GmbH will implement an investment project to build a gas chemical complex.

At The construction will use unique technologies, the licenses for which are Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions and Sinopec Engineering Group. Thanks to them, the complex will produce 390,000 tons of methanol, 100,000 tons of polyvinyl acetate and 121,000 tons of vinyl acetate annually. 100,000 tons of polyvinyl acetate, 121,000 tons of vinyl acetate and 11,800 tons of acetic acid. 11,800 tons of vinyl acetate and 11,800 tons of acetic acid.

Consortium guarantees one hundred percent direct investment. Subsequent repayment of the capital investment made will be by the division of the produced products. The key importers of the products produced by the complex will be Chinese companies, as well as companies owned by private owners.

Today methanol production in CIS countries is carried out by Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The total volume of products produced by these states is 5.45 million tons annually. It is expected that the global demand for methanol in the next 5 years will only increase, and its largest consumers will remain the Asian countries. First and foremost - China.


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