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A new record in Turkmenistan: Ajapsoltan Khadzhieva celebrated her 120th birthday


The world's longest-living record holder is a citizen of Turkmenistan Ajapsoltan Khadzhieva, who turned 120 years old this year. The woman was born in Babasary gengeshlik of Mary region back in 1900. She still lives in Mary province.

In her younger years, Ajapsoltan Khadzhieva looked after cattle, did agricultural work and weaved. During the difficult war time, the long-lived woman took up not only women's work, but also men's. The woman's husband Hajii agha died at a young age, and she did her best to ensure that their son, Ata Hajiyev, had no need of anything. Mother and son Khadzhiev have long enjoyed the well-deserved respect of their fellow countrymen in their native village.

Ata has already reached the age of 86, while remaining vigorous and active. With his wife Tazegul, the son of the long-lived record-holder lives in peace and understanding. They have given Ajapsoltan 12 grandchildren. Now the woman also has 67 great-grandchildren and 32 great-great-grandchildren.

Sharing the secrets of her longevity, Ajapsoltan notes that she has always tried to eat right, controlling what she eats and drinks. In addition, the woman leads a physically active lifestyle - a lot of walking and physical labor. Also, according to the long-lived woman, honesty and peace of mind, as well as calmness and peace in the state play an important role.

In the year of her 120th birthday Ajapsoltan Khadzhieva received a commemorative medal dedicated to the 75th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War.

Although now, according to Wikipedia, the oldest person in the world is 117-year-old Japanese Kein Tanaka. However, the 120-year-old Turkmen woman has a good chance of becoming the new world record holder-longest living person.

Source: Turkmenistan newspaper,

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