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Turkmenistan upgrades the racetrack of the Mary horse racing complex

In Turkmenistan, the racetrack of the Mary horse-racing complex is being renewed. The reconstruction work, in particular the laying of the flooring, is carried out by specialists of "Berk ýol".

According to the Decree signed by the President of Turkmenistan in November last year, the restoration of the equestrian track should be completed in March 2021.

According to Allamyrat Rozyyev, the head of Berk Elol, his company already has reconstruction experience. Previously, the company carried out restoration work at another equestrian complex, located in Lebap velayat. As a result, the facility was given a high assessment.

The "Berk ýol" workers are to lay modern flooring along the entire length of the track. For this purpose, it is required to perform preparatory work, the main of which is to raise the ground of the racetrack at 1600 meters for the laying of drainage pipes under the track. The pipes that are planned to be laid are corrugated and plastic with special holes. They are somewhat similar to bee honeycombs. Through these holes irrigation water from the track will be sent directly into the pipe. Drainage will be carried out in the collector-drainage network, located 300 m from the object, where the reconstruction is carried out. In order to prevent clogging of the holes with soil, the pipes will be wrapped with a special felt made of synthetic materials.

After the pipe-laying is completed, other operations will also be performed. For example, the pipes will first be covered with a 5-centimeter layer of fine-grained washed sand, then - a 10-centimeter layer of crushed stone of larger fractions. Then an 8-centimeter layer of porous asphalt will be laid.

When all the above-mentioned works are completed - the builders of the HO "Berk ýol" will lay the flooring of the racetrack. It has special characteristics and will arrive in Turkmenistan from Great Britain.

Source: Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper

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