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Turkmenistan celebrates the 80th anniversary of Chary Nurymov

Concerts are planned in Turkmenistan to coincide with the 80th anniversary of the outstanding original composer Chary Nurimov. In December 2020, an online concert dedicated to this momentous event was held at the Mukamov Palace in Ashgabat. Musicians from different countries took part in it. This year, which is a milestone date, the music community of Turkmenistan will hold a number of festive events.

Music observer Elmira Ovenyazova, who teaches at the Turkmen State Specialized Music School named after D. Ovenizov, told about the composer's creative path and personality. D. Ovezov.

Chary Nurymov has long been a classic of Turkmen music. The composer was awarded the title of the Honored Art Worker of the Turkmen SSR. The musician first revealed his abilities in the 1960s, showing his bright and distinctive talent and being among those young composers who can be called a worthy successor to the founders of the national school of composers.

The composer's creative legacy does not fit into the framework of any single genre. Nurymov created chamber, symphonic and stage works. However, the main theme of his works - the Motherland, its past and present - remained unchanged.

Continuing national traditions and combining them with light technique and unique presentation, Nurymov created works that were not only awarded the USSR State Prize, but also allowed their creator to gain fame, both in Turkmenistan and far beyond its borders. Among his celebrated compositions are Destan-Concerto No. 2, Gazelle, Enigma, Tekke Frescoes, the 2nd String Quartet in Memory of Indira Gandhi, and the ballets Immortality, The Death of a Dryway and Kugitan Tragedy.


The ballet Immortality is not only one of the first Russian works of this kind, created without anyone's co-authorship, but also a glorification of the feat of WWII heroes who defeated fascism. It was created in the unique genre of concert-poem, and was intended to be performed by voice and orchestra.

The composer's pedagogical talent was no less great. For many years the musician led the Union of Composers of Turkmenistan, and was also a mentor of young talents and an active public figure.

Chary Nurimov's list of awards and titles includes the Makhtumkuli State Prize, the titles of People's Artist and Honored Art Worker. The composer's works are used as manuals for students of music schools of the country.



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