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Turkmenistan plans to expand national tourism in the Avaza zone

The issue of development of international and domestic tourism in the country was discussed rather heatedly at the meeting of the Khalk Maslakhaty Milli Gengesh of Turkmenistan. The meeting was held on the territory of the Balkan administrative-territorial district.

National tourism in Turkmenistan has rich resources for its significant expansion in the NTZ Avaza.

The proximity of the Caspian Sea and the landscape zone makes this area one of the most attractive for tourists. In order for the country's guests to gravitate to this ecologically clean zone, it is necessary to expand the development of the azure coast, the construction of not only additional tourist facilities for comfortable recreation, but also a network of entertainment complexes for both adults and children.

Attracting tourists to the resort areas of Turkmenistan will contribute to the growth of the country's income. Therefore, it is necessary that projects to build tourist facilities undergo a rigorous selection process. It is necessary to take into account literally everything: modern design, competent interior design with the creation of beauty, coziness and comfort in them.

To accelerate the pace of development of the national tourist zone should involve youth organizations in the country to help builders.



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