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Warming in Turkmenistan, precipitation expected

Turkmenistan forecasters forecast warming and precipitation

In the coming days in most of Turkmenistan the temperature will rise relative to last week. It is necessary to take into account significant daily fluctuations, which will reach 10°C. Heavy precipitation is possible in some places.

В the capital and Akhal velayat Temperatures on Monday and Tuesday during the day will be +7 +8°C, on Wednesday and Thursday it will warm up to +11°C, on Friday +13°C. On Saturday the thermometer will decrease to +7°C, on Sunday +10°C. Precipitation up to 3 mm is possible on Thursday and Friday.

В Balkan velayat Monday through Wednesday will be clear and windy, with maximum daytime temperatures of +11°C. Thursday and Friday will bring a cooler weather to +7°C, with possible precipitation. On Saturday it will begin to warm up to +8°C, and on Sunday it will be already +10°C.

В Mary region Temperatures Monday-Wednesday will remain at +10°C. By Thursday it may warm up to +18°C. Friday will be cooler to +12°C, possible precipitation (about 2.2 mm). Saturday and Sunday will be cooler to +8°C and +10°C respectively.

В Lebap velayat Temperatures Monday-Wednesday will hold at +7°C. Thursday may bring warming to +12°C. On Friday forecasters forecast gusty wind up to 16 m/s and precipitation up to 5 mm. On Saturday-Sunday it will be cooler to +6°C, but the sky will be clearer.

Traditionally in the Dashoguz province will be the coldest. Frosts of -3°C are expected from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday it will warm up to +2°C. On Friday, forecasters predict heavy wet snow up to 10 mm. On Saturday and Sunday the thermometer will return to -3°C.

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