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Turkmenistan will host an Olympiad for schoolchildren in a summer camp format

The Oghuz Khan University of Engineering and Technology. Oguz Khan University is selecting students in grades 9-11 to participate in the national integrated Olympiad, which will be held in the format of a 10-day summer camp.

The final third round of the Olympiad will be held at the university's summer camp to test knowledge in chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, and English. To pass to the third round, it is necessary to pass with honor the first two qualifying stages, which will be organized among the city, regional and district comprehensive schools. The first qualifying stage of the intellectual competition will take place in February 2023.

There is no limit to the number of competitors you can have from one school. In each age category there will be 5 winners who will pass to the next stage, and in total there will be 20 people in each stage.

The winners of the Olympiad will receive prizes and gifts, as well as a "letter of recommendation" from the university, which will help them enter higher educational institutions in Turkmenistan and other countries.


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