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Turkmenistan hosts International Children's Drawing Contest

Turkmenistan hosts International Children's Drawing Contest

Turkmenistan hosted the International Children's Drawing Contest entitled "Happy Childhood. The contest was held on June 1 and was timed to coincide with the International Children's Day, becoming one of its brightest events. The gallery of the State Academy of Arts was the venue of the event.

Children from 15 countries told about their happy childhood through 1,735 pictures. The entire space of the gallery was filled with their drawings, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the kind and warm atmosphere when everyone was young and had no worries. Young Turkmen artists created 372 works out of the total number of canvases presented in the contest.

For many years, the works of young but already very talented artists of Turkmenistan have taken part in various international competitions in other countries. Children used their drawings to tell the world about traditions, culture and mentality of their people. Art schools of Turkmenistan, where children were trained in drawing, still keep honorary diplomas, awards and certificates awarded to their pupils.

This year, thanks to the initiative of President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, young Turkmen artists had the opportunity not only to send their best drawings to participate in foreign competitions, but also to receive foreign competition works. The introduction of the online mode allowed the contestants to get acquainted with the authors of their works. Young talents from India, Korea, Japan, Iran, Jordan, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and several other countries participated in the dialogue about the works of young artists. Contestants from Turkmenistan also actively communicated with their foreign counterparts.

The jury made special mention of the works of children from Uzbekistan and Russia. As for the Turkmen participants, pupils of the Byashim Nural Children's Art School showed themselves excellently in this competition. Byashim Nurali.

The young Turkmen participants noted that this international competition broadened their horizons, inspired them to become friends and create together, and helped them gain experience to improve their brushwork skills.

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