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UNDP Turkmenistan Eco-Educational Camp "Altyn Damja" hosted

UNDP Turkmenistan Eco-Educational Camp "Altyn Damja" hosted

The UNDP Country Office in Turkmenistan in cooperation with other UN Agencies organized an Educational Campaign on June 2, 2021. Its participants were children resting in the "Altyn Damja" camp in Gokdere. The aim of the event was to improve environmental literacy of the younger generation of Turkmenistan.

The session is part of a public campaign for World Environment Day. This campaign started on May 14 of this year. In addition to UNDP, the session at the recreation camp was organized by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture and Nature Conservation, a number of UN agencies and young emissaries of the SDC. The event was fully in line with the objectives of the Sustainable Cities project.

The organizers of the campaign sought not only to improve the environmental literacy of young citizens of Turkmenistan, but also to teach them to take care of their natural environment. UNDP experts also aimed to make children aware of the need to use waste wisely, reduce waste, and handle it properly.

The UNDP project specialists told the children through a presentation about the negative impact of plastic on our planet and human health. In order to improve the comprehension of the material presented, there were also thematic quizzes, games and sports competitions. The children interacted with the young emissaries of the LRC in order to develop environmentally oriented behavior.

Jemal Durdykova, Project Specialist of "Sustainable Cities" in Turkmenistan, speaking about the tasks of this educational session, noted that the organizers tried to show children in the form of a game how dangerous plastic products are for the natural environment and human health. In addition, they tried to make the young people of Turkmenistan understand that it is up to each of them to save our planet.

This important initiative allowed the children to learn about serious and important things in the most accessible form of play. The children increased their knowledge about proper behavior with waste. And the hands-on activities and interactive discussion promoted a sense of sustainable resource use in the young participants of the session.

On the eve of this action, on May 31, 2021, UNDP experts listened to a training session aimed at improving the environmental literacy of young emissaries of the LRC. This, in turn, contributed to their active assistance in conducting the Educational Session at the Altyn Damja recreation camp.

Recall that in the capital of Turkmenistan an eco-action of planting tree saplings, conducted by the staff of the UN agencies in the format of the project "Sustainable Cities" took place.

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