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Sowing of cotton has started in Turkmenistan

Sowing of cotton has started in four provinces of Turkmenistan. According to the schedule approved by the head of state, The beginning of this significant agricultural campaign was March 24, 2021. Cotton growers from Akhal, Mary, Lebap and Balkan velayats have started sowing, and on March 31, farmers from Dashoguz velayat will also join them.

This year, 620 thousand hectares of land are to be sown with cotton. It is assumed that in 2021, as well as in the previous year, cotton growers will collect 1.250 million tons of "white gold". Out of the total volume, Mary province accounts for 365 thousand tons, Lebap province - 320 thousand tons, Akhal province - 280 thousand tons, Dashoguz province - 275 thousand tons, and Balkan province - 10 thousand tons.

The Turkmen agrarians have already prepared in advance the best seeds of medium-fiber cotton varieties characterized by high yield, excellent fiber properties and early maturity. The most popular among cotton growers of Turkmenistan is "Dashoguz-114", "Yoloten-39", "C-2606" and others. In Mary and Ahal velayats, soil and climatic conditions allow growing the crop of fine-fiber cotton varieties.

For the current sowing campaign involved more than 7.6 thousand tractors of various brands, more than 1.7 thousand seeders, about 5.5 thousand cotton cultivators and other types of special agricultural machinery. In the country's districts 436 teams were formed, whose members will provide technical support for the sowing campaign, quickly eliminating emerging problems and ensuring its uninterrupted operation.

During the sowing of cotton, new equipment from abroad, including tractors and seed drills from the world famous manufacturer John Deere, will also demonstrate their capabilities. Their peculiarity is the telematic digital electronic system.

375 biolaboratories will help cotton growers control pests - their task is to provide farmers with environmentally friendly and cost-effective products.

The start of the sowing season was accompanied by thematic festivities.

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