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Turkmenistan introduces new technologies for recycling plastics

Turkmen scientist, Ph.D. and expert Allaberdy Ilyasov conducted an analysis of Turkmenistan's capacity to produce plastic products from recycled materials.

The analyst noted the promise of this direction, which confirms a dynamic industry growth rate of about 5% per year. Plastic has become a part of our life, and now this material is used in various fields: from packaging and construction to the automotive and electronics industries. The main concern of the public right now is the issue of ecology, because The decomposition period of used plastic is 100-400 years.

Allaberdy Ilyasov expressed the opinion of scientists that the only way to solve the problem of plastic recycling is to secondary processingThus, the industry can become "green.

The expert noted that Turkmenistan should introduce highly efficient, low-cost methods of oil refining, as well as modern systems of environmental protection. According to the scientist, our country has already 10 years of technological development recycling, which are extremely relevant to modern business.

Thus, a successful example is the plant for the production of polymer-sand products from plastic waste, which was built in Turkmenistan by an American company "Westport Trading Europe Limited in 2010-2011. The company's products (tiles, roof tiles) are characterized by long service life (over 50 years) and practicality. The uniqueness of production lies in the fact that as raw materials are used packaging, plastic containers and other types of recycled material, which are in the vicinity of the enterprise.


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