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Turkmenistan has completed consultations on the development of the NAPPR

The stage of consultations on the development of the National Program of Action on the Rights of the Child for the near future, the period from 2023 to 2028, has now come to an end. The consultation round was conducted by UNICEF in all regions of Turkmenistan together with the Institute for Law and Democracy.

The new National Plan was prepared on the basis of a comprehensive study of the previous plan from 2018-2022. In developing it, the experience of implementing the current NAPDP, including achievements and priorities in its implementation, was taken into account.

UNICEF representatives in Turkmenistan noted that the formation of a new National Action Plan on Children's Rights demonstrates the country's commitment to achieving the SDGs, because without respect for children's rights it is impossible to implement a plan for sustainable development.

The new NAPPR is expected to be approved by the Turkmen government in 2023.

Source: UNICEF Turkmenistan Press Release

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