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WWII veterans shared their memories of the war with students in Turkmenistan

On the eve of May 9 the virtual meeting of students of IMO Turkmenistan with veterans of the Great Patriotic War was held. The veterans told the young people about life during the war period.

According to a WWII veteran Antonina PryanichnikovaTurkmenistan made a significant contribution to the victory. Thanks to the women who gave their jewelry, airplanes and cotton were purchased. Twenty-four hospitals were also opened across the country.

WWII veteran Dmitry Alexandrov thanked the head of Turkmenistan for his concern for his people and the frontline soldiers.

In total over 300,000 Turkmenistanis participated in the battles of 1941-1945, 112 were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. A memorial complex was erected in Ashgabat in 2014 to commemorate those who died in WWII.



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