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"Eastern Vernisage" - fair in the shopping center "Ashgabat

On the eve of spring, February 29, in the capital's mall "Ashgabat" held a fair of handicrafts "Eastern Vernisage. The event was timed to coincide with the beginning of the new season, as well as the upcoming March 8 holiday.

The organizer of the The exhibition was organized by Louise Sabitova. Being a creative person, Luiza repeatedly took part in various fairs, at which she presented her own works, until she decided to take the initiative and organize such an event on her own. event on her own.

A total of 33 people attended the event, including artists from other provinces of Turkmenistan.

Elena. Participant of the "Eastern Vernisage" fair

Among the works presented were items of clothing and decor, artwork, a variety of toys, accessories, and more.

- Each time participants surprise visitors with more and more exquisite and unusual products, many of which go on a long journey as memorable souvenirs and indispensable decorative items,

- Louise shares.
Louise Sabitova. Organizer of the fair

Louise Sabitova's products were also popular abroad. Jewelry made by the master was the highlight of one of the exhibitions in Europe.

Decorative items, jewelry, accessories are made with filigree precision and a sense of taste. The master's creativity day by day acquires a larger and larger audience of connoisseurs.

According to the organizer, "Eastern Vernisage" is already the fourth event held in the shopping center "Ashgabat. It plans to expand the circle of admirers of handicrafts, attract young masters and craftswomen, as well as to unite them in a community of creative individuals.

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