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Universities of Turkmenistan exchanged experience in learning foreign languages

Turkmenistan's two universities are. D. Azadi Turkmen National Institute of World Languages (D. Azadi TNIMYA) and Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan (ITIT) conducted "Open Doors Days". by exchange experience in learning foreign languages. The event, marking the 25th anniversary of Turkmenistan's neutrality, lasted for two days and featured a rich program. The participants learned a lot during a number of educational and cultural meetings.

The guests were the first to arrive at the D. Azadi TNIML. The capital's language institute organized for the delegation of ITIT teachers and students It's interesting to know" English-language contestwhere students from both educational institutions competed. There were also held training to improve the methodology of teaching foreign languages and the exhibitionThe "Virtual Tour of British Architecture," which allows you to take a virtual tour of British architectural landmarks.


On the second day, a return visit to ITIT was paid by the student teaching staff of D. Azadi TNIMYA. The guests visited the open classes of Russian, English and German, and the students of both universities tested their knowledge in intellectual Brainstorming. They were required to answer questions concerning Neutrality of Turkmenistan. And both the questions and the answers were in English.

In addition, the teachers of the language school were the participants of the virtual tour through the ITIT Internet portal. There they learned about educational and practical materials for learning foreign languages and visited the electronic library. In addition, young scientists from the Center for Higher Education Innovation demonstrated their developments related to the main areas of study at ITIT.


He concluded the event with "round table"During the meeting, professors from both universities discussed a number of issues related to methods of teaching the material in order to improve its absorption by the students.

The parties noted the mutual productivity of this action, and the "Open Doors Days" ended with concerts held at both universities in the capital. Active participants were awarded commemorative souvenirs.

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