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Enhanced measures against infectious diseases are introduced

On January 20 there was a meeting of Emergency Anti-Epidemic Commission in connection with the tense situation, caused by the spread of new viruses in the world. The situation requires intensified situation requires increased work by health care authorities to prevent infections from entering the territory of infections from abroad into the territory of Turkmenistan.

In this regard, health care facilities medical facilities have received the necessary medical supplies, and the employees have undergone special training seminars. Information about the sanitary-quarantine points has been communicated to specialists in the field.

On the basis of the order dated January 8 January 8 of this year "On conducting activities aimed at identifying symptoms and treatment of pulmonary diseases of unknown etiology" on all medical institutions strengthened control over the epidemiological situation, medics passed advanced training in the field of infectious diseases. In the border Health care professionals have received further training in infectious diseases and medical personnel have been trained in infectious diseases. for citizens leaving and arriving in Turkmenistan.

Using state-of-the-art methods of analysis, the lab technicians at the Center for Public Health and Nutrition, which was awarded National Flu Center status in 2019, diagnose acute respiratory infections and recognize viruses.


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