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Residents of Turkmenistan's Mary velayat honor their WWII veterans

Residents of Turkmenistan's Mary velayat honor their WWII veterans

Residents of Mary province of Turkmenistan honor their veterans of the Great Patriotic War. On Victory Day, Mary residents remember not only living veterans, but also those who have already left this world. Only five veterans of that terrible war live in the region. On the 76th anniversary of the Great Victory, they receive congratulations from their fellow countrymen. Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov does not forget the veterans. On the implementation of his decree, valuable and monetary gifts were given to Nikolai Skotnikov from Mary, Ashir Ovezdurdy and Glychmurad Jumageldiyev from Takhtabazar etrap, Shami Abdiyev from Iolotan etrap and Aidogdy Ammadiyev, a 102-year-old resident of Mary etrap, the oldest veteran.

World War II veteran Nikolai Pavlovich Skotnikov celebrated his 96th birthday on the eve of Victory Day - he is one of the oldest residents of Mary. Young soldiers and community leaders came to pay tribute to the veteran. Although the front-line way of Nikolai Pavlovich began in 1944, after graduating from a short-term communications courses, he managed to get to Königsberg, staying almost every day under artillery fire and bombing.

Hero of the Soviet Union Berdymurat Dovletzhanov, who participated in the forcing of the Dnieper and was among the first to set foot on its western bank, also lived on the territory of Mary velayat. An active participant of the battles for the liberation of Ukraine was also a tank driver Cherkez Orazmukhammedov, who became a Knight of many Orders. Unfortunately, they are no longer among the living, but the memory of their exploits lives on in the hearts and souls of grateful Maryites.

The participant of the battles for Moscow, artilleryman Yakov Borisov, and surgeon Margarita Moskovskaya, who went through the war, working in front-line hospitals, also passed away into eternity. And even after returning to Mary, she continued to work in her specialty in the hospital for the disabled of the Great Patriotic War, healing the wounds of former participants of that terrible war until a ripe old age.

Mered Bekov, a lieutenant colonel in the reserve and World War II veteran, told about the deeds of the Turkmen people in peacetime. The heroes of his work were soldiers of 87th Separate Turkmen Rifle Brigade. The book tells about the formation and combat way of this unit. The books telling about the feats of the 97th Turkmen brigade and about Turkmen citizens who were full Cavaliers of the Order of Glory also belong to his authorship. In total, Mered Bekov, who, unfortunately, is no longer among the living, wrote five books.

Victory Day celebrations in Turkmenistan were held in Ashkhabad and in all regions - Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz, Lebapand Mary velayat.


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