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Winter is not going to leave Turkmenistan

Winter does not intend to leave Turkmenistan. It has returned to such regions of the country as Balkan and Dashoguz velayats. It was there that significant precipitation occurred in the second half of the day on February 18, as well as on the night of February 19. At first it was rain, which then changed to rain with snow, and then to snow.

In Balkan velayat precipitation exceeded the monthly norm in a number of localities. Such as Bereket (27 mm) and Serdar (27 mm). As a result, snow cover was formed, the thickness of which was respectively 15 cm and 17 cm. In Turkmenbashi and Balkanabat the thickness of snow cover reached 1 cm.

In Dashoguz province, precipitation, which began as rain, then transformed into freezing rain due to low surface temperature. As a result, 11 mm of precipitation fell in this region, and the thickness of the formed snow cover was 2 cm. Closer to the morning of 19 February the thermometer fell to +3.5оС.

In Lebap velayat, gusty wind with a speed of 22 m/s was observed, and there was a dust storm in Kerki.

The capital of Turkmenistan also received rain, which turned into rain and snow at night. A total of 3 mm of precipitation fell. And if the thermometer was at +30.2 in Ashgabat on February 17оC, then in the following days there was a decrease in temperature to +0.6оС.

Forecasters predict heavy precipitation in the southeastern regions of Turkmenistan in the near future. And a cold anticyclone coming from the European part of Russia may bring strong frosts to Turkmenistan, if only for a short time.

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