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Winter weather strengthens in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is expecting a significant cooling and strengthening of winter weather in the days before the New Year. According to the forecast of the Hydrometeorological Center, from 25 to 26 December, Ashgabat will be covered with snow and rain. At night the thermometer will fall to -9°C, and frosts will set in throughout the country.

Akhal, Balkan, Dashoguz and the central part of Mary province are expecting significant precipitation. The predicted height of snow cover in some areas could reach ten to fifteen centimeters.

In northern and northeastern Turkmenistan on the 27th, forecasters expect nighttime frosts to strengthen to -6-11°C.

At the very end of the year, Lebap expects the temperature mark to drop to -11°C.

On December 28, frost will set in Mary and Lebap velayats. Frosty nights of -3-8°C are expected in Akhal velayat.

The weather in the first month of winter was generous with the amount of precipitation. As we wrote earlier, for the first time in the last two years the capital of Turkmenistan was visited by snowfalls. At night from 9 to 10 December there was a rather unusual meteorological phenomenon for our country - an icy downpour - mixed precipitation at atmospheric temperatures below 0°C.

Snow also fell in the central Karakum, with a snow cover of up to 12 centimeters. Frosts in the desert part of Dashoguz velayat were -17°C.

Frosts in Akhal velayat lasted about a week, due to which citizens of Turkmenistan received sms with recommendations to protect their health during the cold weather, as well as messages from the Road Traffic Police warning of careful driving and caution due to the ice.

In view of the frosty weather in the near future, be prepared for the cold and do not forget about preventive measures to prevent seasonal colds!


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