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August 14 was the official melon day in Turkmenistan

Melon Day is traditionally celebrated in Turkmenistan on the second Sunday of August. In 2022, the holiday of this fragrant fruit, which has many useful properties, fell on August 14.

In ancient times, juicy melons grown in the territory of the modern Turkmen land were considered the best treat. Today, Turkmen breeders have bred more than four hundred varieties of melon, each of which has a unique taste and different characteristics of ripening. For example, "vaharman" variety is considered the sweetest - these fruits have a unique "sugar" taste and medium size.

But "Harrowk" ("waterfall") and "Garry gyz" ("old maid") are the latest varieties. They ripen later than other varieties of melons and can be stored for a long time, so dishes with this juicy product could well decorate the New Year table.



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