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$19 million brought Turkmenistan food exports

For the harvest festival on November 8, farmers shared the results of a successful year. As SPPT noted, most agricultural products in Turkmenistan are grown on private farms. The volume of exports to Russia and CIS countries since the beginning of 2020 amounted to $19 million, The main products are gourds, grapes, and apples.

During the past period of 2020, private entrepreneurs were 4 times as many tomatoes were grownThe growth was possible due to the year-round cultivation of indoor crops using advanced approaches and technologies. Such growth became possible due to the year-round indoor cultivation using advanced approaches and technologies. Records were set for potatoes and onions - 37 thousand tons and 13 thousand tons respectively. For melons, fruits, berries, vegetables and legumes there was an increase in volumes by several times.

Turkmen agrarians are actively increasing production through the development of new lands and the introduction of new greenhouse facilities. About 150 greenhouses are scheduled to open in 2021This will allow tens of thousands of tons of additional fruit and vegetables to be grown.


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