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Cucumber weighing 27 kg from Turkmenistan can enter the Guinness Book of Records

Hemra Babayev from Sayat, Lebap velayat grew a giant The record cucumber weighs 27,134 kg, is 96 cm long, and 85 cm in girth. The 69-year-old Hemra together with his wife Zohra Babayeva has been renting a plot of land of twenty acres from the Sayat Etrap Maintenance Department for several years now, having signed a contract to renew the orchard. The Babayev family puts labor and love into the land, getting good harvests. More than a hundred pears, cherries, sweet cherries, apricots, plums, and figs grow on their plot. The Babayevs also cultivate strawberries, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, and keep three cows (the manure is used here to fertilize the garden and beds).

In the 2020 season, one of the cucumber stalks climbed to the roof of a cow pen, on which and three big cucumbers grew.The cucumbers were accidentally discovered by the Babayevs' eldest son, Merdan. After the discovery, Hemra told his son not to touch the cucumbers and see what would come of it. The Three Miracle Vegetables only thwarted on October 30That is, from the time the seeds were sown until the record harvest took place About 7 months. Champion cucumber stalks grew on a strawberry bed and received only what strawberries receive - mineral fertilizer and manure. The gardeners were very surprised their giant vegetables, call them Nature's miracle.

In addition to the 27-kilogram ni has grown also a 21-kilogram cucumberand the third "giant" was simply not weighed. Babayev's giant cucumber can get its place in the Guinness Book of RecordsIf gardeners have time to register their entries. At the moment, the world record holder cucumber is a 12.5-kilogram, 92-centimeter vegetable from Great Britain, Alpha Cobb. And in terms of size, another Briton, Ragbir Sagber's 129.54-centimeter cucumber, leads the way.

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