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ADB Supports Diversification of Turkmenistan's Economy

At a meeting with the media, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Chang Ching Yew, Director of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in Turkmenistan, expressed his readiness to to facilitate the implementation of projects of laying the main electricity grids and the TAPI gas pipeline projects. He stressed that this will help achieve the main task - diversification of the country's economy in the short term.

According to Chung Ching Yoo, for ADB Turkmenistan is a very important partner, so there have been and are still being That's why many joint programs with the government have been conducted before.

For the period of 2020-2022, the first of the following measures are planned. First of all, it is planned to support the construction of electric highways and further implementation of the TAPI project. In addition, in the near future it is envisaged In addition, for the near future, ADB assistance is also planned in other areas - the improvement of railways, the growth of lending to entrepreneurs, and the improvement of medical care. in the near future, assistance from ADB is also planned in other directions: improvement of railways sector, expansion of loans to entrepreneurs, improvement of medical sphere functioning. medical sector.

Chang Ching Yew emphasized the advantageous Turkmenistan's location and invaluable natural resources, Therefore, the maintenance of peace, as well as the economic growth of the region largely depends on our power. depends on our country.

Turkmenistan has been working with the ADB for 20 years, since 2000. According to the program for 2019-2021, the bank will provide the country with a loan of $150 million, and will allocate $690 million for the development of transit corridors, exports, improvement of the situation with private businesses.


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