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Agrarians of Dashoguz province grow the best foreign potato varieties

Fulfilling the task set by the Government of Turkmenistan to increase the production of fruit and vegetable crops, farmers of Dashoguz velayat use the best foreign potato varieties. Yield growth is provided at the expense of an integrated approach to soil cultivation, competent use of fertilizers and water resources, competent breeding work.

During the current sowing season, seed potatoes "Gala" were planted on a number of farms in the region. This variety was bred by breeders from Germany. It is unpretentious to soil and climatic conditions, due to which it is considered universal. The seed material of the above variety was planted by Dovran Esenov, member of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan in Daihan association named after N. Andalib. N. Andalib. 600 ha of area on the territory of Gurbansoltan-eje etrap were allocated for "Galu".

The entrepreneur was attracted by such features of the crop as a fast maturing period and high yield. In addition, "Gala" potatoes are characterized by excellent consumer properties, low starch content and resistance to most diseases.

In the northern region of Turkmenistan, in addition to local varieties, the potato variety "Sante" is also grown. It was bred by Belgian breeders. Farmers note its resistance to diseases typical of this crop, ability to vegetate in local climatic conditions, long shelf life and excellent taste qualities.


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