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Archaeological excavations in Turkmenistan - the subject of an article in the French edition

The April issue of La Recherche, one of the most popular scientific publications in France, published an article by H. Bendezou-Sarmiento, co-director of the MAFTUR archaeological expedition. The article deals with the mysterious disappearance of the Oxa civilization. Print circulation of the French magazine is about 30 thousand, this does not include readers of the website of this edition.

H. Bendezu-Sarmiento's team won the Le Prix La Recherche prize a few years ago, which allowed them to resume research on the Turkmen Ulug Depe. In his publication, the author described this expedition, in which he searched for the causes of the collapse of the Oxa civilization, which existed 3.5 thousand years ago in Central Asia.

An independent civilization of the Bronze Age, which, judging by the archaeological evidence found, is one of the most important for the Eastern world, was discovered by Soviet archaeologists about seventy years ago. H. Bendezu-Sarmiento studies the last years of the culture in order to understand what circumstances led it to wither away.

Teams of French scientist conduct excavations in Dzharkutan (Uzbekistan) and Ulug Depe, where more than 20 years of research in cooperation with the National Administration of Historical Monuments and the State Reserve "Abiverd.


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