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Austrian companies offered to organize production of test systems in Turkmenistan

During the online meeting of heads of Austrian companies with representatives of government agencies and businesses a proposal to organize production of test systems in Turkmenistan was voiced. In addition, pharmaceutical companies Sigmapharm and DiproMed offered other options for cooperation. As the leading manufacturers of medical products, they intend not only to supply drugs but also transfer their various know-how.

For example, Sigmapharm primarily manufactures products related to the ear, nose and throat segment. It has already organized supplies of 5 varieties of drugs to the Main Turkmen Pharmacy Administration. All of them are registered by the Ministry of Health of Turkmenistan.

Talking about preparations for the prevention of infectious diseases, the head of the company Bernhard Wittman emphasized the Coldamaris nasal spray. Its effectiveness in this area has already been proven - all that is left to be done is to develop official recommendations for its use. To this end, clinical trials are underway in Austria. The drug provides the creation of a physical barrier, which does not allow the virus to penetrate into the body. Also vitamin D3 and antibiotic "Tyrothricin" proved to be good against coronavirus.

The key specialization of DiproMed is the production of rapid tests that help detect not only banned drugs, but also various types of diseases and pregnancy in the body. The Austrian manufacturer gives an absolute guarantee for reliable diagnostic results obtained with their products. At the moment DiproMed aims to develop ways to determine the presence of antibodies and COVID-19 antigen. The company also produces personal protective equipment for nursing staff and FFP2 class respirators, which are gradually becoming mandatory in Europe.

At the conclusion of the online meeting, the heads of Austrian companies noted that they would not mind visiting Ashgabat and hope that this will soon be possible.


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