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Security, creativity, economy - in what areas do Turkmenistan and Great Britain cooperate?

British Ambassador to Turkmenistan Hugh Philpott answered questions from the editor-in-chief of the Arzuw News in an hour and a half interview.

Speaking about relations between Turkmenistan and Great Britain, Mr. Philpott noted the common economic interests of the two countries.

"We are fortunate because Turkmenistan and the United Kingdom do not differ in their views and opinions. We are both countries that share values related to climate change and major global issues," the ambassador said.

The British ambassador also said that Turkmenistan and Britain are both oil and gas producing countries, noting that the two countries have common interests in this regard.

Stating that British-Turkmen cooperation could also be improved in the agricultural sector, Ambassador Philpott noted that the two countries have been working together steadily within the framework of international organizations.

During the meeting, the Ambassador spoke about the work of the British Embassy in the field of "creative economy.

"I think Britain can bring a lot of inspiration to Turkmenistan in this area. But I also feel that the time will soon come when you too can inspire us. You have an ambitious young population. It's not always easy to find ways to succeed. I am very interested to see how young people in Turkmenistan become successful," the Ambassador said.

Having said that "We respect the neutrality of Turkmenistan", Ambassador Philpott congratulated the Turkmen people on the 25th anniversary of Neutrality.

Security cooperation

Ambassador Philpott stressed that Britain and Turkmenistan would continue their security cooperation.

"The British government has an interest in security and stability in Central Asia and Turkmenistan. Stability is important here. We live in difficult times, and there are some regions of the world around Turkmenistan that face various security problems and unrest. So it's important that Turkmenistan maintain stability in the region," the ambassador said.

In addition to all of this, as part of this interview, Ambassador Hugh Philpott, who took office in September 2019, spoke about his personal life, his views on Turkmen culture, and Brexit.

Full interview (in English, subtitled in Russian) you can watch on the YouTube channel Arzuw News:

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