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TAPI gas pipeline reaches the territory of Afghanistan

In Kabul, a meeting was held between the participants in the project for the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline. As a result, the parties signed a Memorandum, which will regulate the selection of contractors for the construction of the section of the gas pipeline in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan was represented by M. Karzai, acting head of the Ministry of Reconstruction and Urban Development. M. Amanov, representing the State Concern "Turkmengaz", was a delegate from our country. M.H. Chahansuri, Acting Head of the Afghan Ministry of Mines and Petroleum Products also participated in the negotiations.

Representatives of the parties noted the important role of the TAPI highway not only for the states of the South and Central Asian region, but also for the entire planet. The implementation of the project will contribute to strengthening energy security and ensuring the normalization of the socio-economic situation.

The implementation of this project will create a basis for the supply of energy resources to the markets of South Asian states through the territory of Afghanistan.


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