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Anti-crisis strategy for Kazakhstan: Tokayev addressed the people

Participating in a joint session of the Houses of Parliament, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan addressed a message to the Kazakh people, in which he presented a number of initiatives.

The leader of Kazakhstan pointed out seven main points of the country's new economic course:

  1. Fairness in the distribution of benefits and responsibilities.
  2. Giving a key role in the economy to private business.
  3. Ensuring fair competition.
  4. Improving the efficiency of the economy.
  5. Investing in Modern Education.
  6. Green economy.
  7. A responsible approach to public decision-making.

The head of Kazakhstan stressed that one of the priority tasks is to protect the rights of citizens according to international standards, taking as an example the norms of criminal law of the OECD countries.

A special role in the implementation of the anti-crisis strategy, according to the President, is played by digitalization, which will not only increase the competitiveness of the country, but also open new tools for people to influence the state policy of the country.

The leader of the Kazakh people urged everyone to work on themselves, to develop, to overcome the challenges of life.
The full text of the appeal of the Head of the Republic of Kazakhstan is available here.


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