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Energy Charter Secretary General held an online lecture for students

Yesterday the IMO MFA hosted a virtual conference via video link with the Secretary General of the Energy Charter, U. Rusnák. Students of IMO MFA and the International University of Humanities and Development attended the meeting dedicated to cooperation of this organization with Turkmenistan.

Mr. Rusnák emphasized the effective cooperation between the Charter and Turkmenistan, as well as the active role of our country in addressing the tasks that the organization deals with. He also drew attention to the work carried out by Turkmenistan to establish and maintain good neighborly, peaceful relations with other countries in various fields. In particular, the issues of energy diplomacy, initiated by the head of the Turkmen nation, are on the agenda not only of the Energy Charter, but also of other world organizations.

Dr. U. Rusnák also briefed the students on Turkmenistan's significant role in the global energy community, particularly with regard to Turkmenistan's UN-approved initiatives to guarantee energy security. The students also learned about how energy consumption in the world will be in the near future.


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