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Head of Turkmenistan named vectors of industrial-innovation strategy

Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov at the meeting Hulk Maslahaty emphasized that Turkmenistan - A building state with strong potential. At the moment. $37 billion. is invested in 2.5 thousand. major construction facilities. The state program of industrial industrialization, development of housing infrastructure, and expansion of the transport and logistics sector is being implemented.
In Turkmenistan, a large-scale metropolitan area, Adminsentre of Akhal velayatcomfortable villages and settlements to live in. According to one National Rural ProgramIn January-August 2020, 792.3 thousand squares of housing, two Health Houses, 216 km of engineering facilities, over 510 km of telecommunications were commissioned.
State capital investments are provided for the construction of of the gas chemical complex in KiyanlyThe phosphate fertilizer production shop at the Xthe Turkmenabat refinery, gas turbine power plant in the Dashoguz region, as well as the second phase of development Galkynysh natural gas field.
Installation is in full swing TAPI gas pipeline and transboundary power lines TAP, of a gas compressor unit in the Central Karakum (with a planned capacity of 2 billion cubic meters / year), Ashgabat-Turkmenebat highwayThe creation of an international transport corridor is being prepared Lapis Lazauli.
Investments are made in the development of building materials industryThe construction of the second phase of the cement plants in Bakharden and the Lebap region was a case in point. Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov cited as an example the construction of the second phase of cement plants in Bakharden and in the Lebap region.
The President of Turkmenistan noted such important vectors of the country's development as the gaining momentum industrialization, Urbanization, digitalization all spheres of life, the implementation of innovations, import substitution.
Enterprises are being modernized gas and oil and textile sectors. In particular, the textile complexes of Kaakhki and Babadaihan etraps will soon become operational. The products of these industries are actively being introduced in the global markets. Turkmenistan pays attention to exploring the possibilities of alternative energy sources, solar and wind energy will practically meet the needs of settlements under construction in the region of Lake Altyn Asyr.


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