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Head of Turkmenistan commemorated the contribution of the UN Secretaries General with commemorative medals

The head of Turkmenistan awarded the jubilee medals "To the 25th anniversary of the Neutrality of Turkmenistan distinguished national and foreign figures who have made a significant contribution to strengthening the country's neutrality and increasing its prestige in the international arena.

The jubilee medals were awarded to Turkmen authorities, diplomats, representatives of ministries and departments, university rectors, mass media representatives and other citizens of Turkmenistan.

The list of foreign recipients includes UN Secretary General António Guterres, his deputies and representatives, as well as Mr. Guterres' predecessor, Ban Ki-moonThe award was also presented to: Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Turkmenistan Blokhin A.D. Also the honorary award was given to: the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Turkmenistan Blokhin A.V., test cosmonaut of "ROSKOSMOS" Kononenko O.D., former Prime Minister of Japan and current Member of Parliament Shinzo Abe, head of the CIS Executive Committee Lebedev and other international personalities.


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