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Chestnut Aigytli became the most beautiful Akhalteke horse-2021

Chestnut Aigytli became the most beautiful Akhalteke horse-2021

The International Akhal-Teke Beauty Contest was held in Turkmenistan, according to the results of which the most beautiful Akhal-Teke horse-2021 was Aigytly (Resolute).

Ten beautiful Akhalteke horses from different provinces of Turkmenistan, having passed the preliminary selection, became participants of the contest. Each pretender to the honorary title was twice presented to the competent jury and the audience: unequipped and in full ceremonial attire, with harness, saddle and decorations. It was not easy for the panel of judges to make their choice - all the horses were dazzling and conformed to the canons of Akhalteke beauty.

In the end, Aigytly, born in 2015, was the winner. The triumphant horse belongs to the Akhalteke Horse Farm of the President of Turkmenistan. Aigytly is a descendant of the elite breeds Ary and Altynbash. The seis of the winning horse is Chary Ballyev, who received on behalf of the Head of State the main prize - the keys of a premium Lexus sedan, a cup and a diploma.


Photo: M. Rozyev,

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