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Foreign citizens in Turkey will be exempt from visa fines during the pandemic

The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Turkmenistan informed Arzuw NEWS today that foreign nationals staying in Turkey with an expired visa or residence permit whose departure from the country has been restricted by force majeure circumstances such as flight cancellations, will have to leave the country at least once a month.yazand with COVID-19 outbreak, will be exempt from paying penalties, until the situation is normalized and flights are resumed.

Recall that the current law of the Republic of Turkey does not allow visa extensions for foreign nationals. For these reasons, fines are imposed when crossing the state border. Immunity from fines applies only during the COVID-19 quarantine period.

In this case, for exemption from payment of penalties in connection with an overstayed visa, it is required to timely submit the appropriate application through the state electronic system "e-ikamet online sistemi".

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