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Rovshen IE from Turkmenistan increases shoe exports and builds greenhouses

IE "Rovshen" from Turkmenistan increases shoe exports and builds greenhouses. So, already in the last month of 2021 and at the beginning of this year, the company has sent for export to various regions of Russia several pairs of men's shoes. Already exported over 20 thousand pairs of classic shoes for men. Among the items are shoes, brogues, moccasins, boots and more. Mary shoemakers in Russia (Domodedovo, Moscow region) opened a branch of IP "Rovshen", where you can buy branded shoes. Future plans include organizing shoe production.

The products of the Mary enterprise producing shoes are in demand not only at home, but also abroad. In addition to Russia, they are exported to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. The interest in the products is due to their high quality and design, which always corresponds to the latest trends in changeable fashion.

IE "Rovshen" has become famous as a manufacturer of fashionable shoes since 2003. Since then customers show invariable interest in brand "Röwşen aýakgaplary" and brand stores of Turkmenistan successfully sell quality and modern shoes made of natural materials. Nowadays, wide assortment of leather goods from Mary shoemakers is presented in more than 30 outlets, and "Röwşen aakgaplary" brand stores work in all big cities of Turkmenistan.

Every day IP "Rovshen" produces about 500 pairs of shoes. Specialists from Italy and Turkey made a significant contribution to the development of the design component. Exchange of experience with foreign specialists continues, thanks to which the products of Mary shoemakers fully comply with international quality standards.

The construction of a modern factory, the capacity of which will allow producing up to 1,500 pairs of leather shoes for men, women and children every day, will contribute in no small measure to expanding the export opportunities of IE Rovshen. The new factory will give over 800 jobs to Turkmenistan citizens. Completion of construction is scheduled for 2024. The production facilities will be located in Mary and will occupy about 7 hectares of land. The construction is being carried out thanks to the National Program of the President of Turkmenistan for 2019-2025, the task of which is the social and economic development of the country.

But activities of IE Rovshen are not limited to production of shoes. The enterprise contributes to the successful implementation of the Turkmen leader's programs to ensure food abundance - it has built a greenhouse on the territory of Mary velayat, where it intends to grow vegetables and melons. The greenhouse farm occupies an area of 8 hectares. Already this winter, IE "Rovshen" started to sell freshly grown agricultural products to the population. Processing and preservation of the harvest will be facilitated by the commissioning of a complex of refrigerated warehouses and small processing plants planned for 2022.

The allocation of 800 hectares of land for the development of cattle breeding and production of other crops, carried out under the Program of state support for small and medium business enterprises, also contributes to the development of IE "Rovshen". In the future about 3 thousand people will get jobs here.

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