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Publishing house "Nauka" will publish a collection of works in the field of chemistry

The Nauka Publishing House is preparing to print a unique scientific collection created by the staff of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan on the basis of research conducted in 2019. The main goal scientists is to help reorganize the country's economy, taking into account the Turkmenistan's challenges of import substitution, innovation, and improving competitiveness.

The six-year study involved the country's main Turkmenhimiya, Turkmenneft, Turkmengaz, "Turkmenecology" and others. Many scientists have received patents and certificates of authorship.

Tests were conducted in the laboratories of the Institute of Chemistry, related to increasing the efficiency of resource consumption, ensuring technological progress with minimal impact on the country's ecology.

For example, scientists have proposed a new method of enrichment of Kyzylkai iron ore. Research was carried out on the production of sulfate-resistant cement.

In the field of sulfur processing, chemists have proposed the production of concrete and polymer concrete using sulfur gas and waste from its waste. Thanks to these developments, it will be possible to solve the problem efficient use of sulfur waste.

Scientists also worked on providing corrosion protection for oil and gas equipment and making Turkmen oil products even better. of oil and gas equipment and to make Turkmen oil products of even higher quality. quality.

Employees of the Institute of Chemistry have proposed innovative Wastewater treatment methods, which will improve the situation with water resources.

The new collection will be extremely useful to all those who work in the field of agriculture, oil and gas and chemical industry, and water management specialists. In addition, teachers and students of chemical universities should get acquainted with the developments of scientists.


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