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How citizens of Turkmenistan can obtain a certificate to return to their homeland

For citizens of Turkmenistan who are abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published information on how to obtain a certificate for returning to the home country. It will be useful for citizens who have lost their identity documents, as well as for those whose identity documents have been stolen, damaged, or their validity has expired. In such a case, the diplomatic missions or consular offices of Turkmenistan in foreign countries may issue a certificate allowing them to return to the home country. This information is also relevant for children born to citizens of Turkmenistan abroad.

In addition, the validity of certificates allowing Turkmenistanis staying abroad to return to their homeland has been extended to 6 months (previously the validity of the document was 1 month).

When applying for a certificate, the applicant should have the following list of documents:

  1. Statement;
  2. 2 color photo cards (3x4);
  3. Biography;
  4. Document (service certificate with photo, certificate from the state bodies of Turkmenistan, etc.) that helps establish the applicant's identity, place of residence or stay in Turkmenistan, proving Turkmen citizenship (if any).

When contacting a diplomatic mission or consulate of Turkmenistan, a citizen will also have to fill out an approved form.


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