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Central Asia's largest glass plant in Turkmenistan has introduced smart equipment

The largest in the Central Asian region company "Turkmen Aina Onumleri" in Turkmenistan uses smart equipment to produce its products. In one day Turkmen enterprise produces 250 tons of glass from 2.5 mm to 10 mm thick. The factory has already mastered the production of 35 varieties of glassware. The works are carried out using innovative technologies.

Quartz sandThe company's product will be transformed into medical vial, glass, bottle or other type of glass products. The first thing the grains of sand will be melted by a temperature of 1600оC, and afterwards, burned.

The thickness of the glass is "responsible" for 12 flatbed machinesThe next step is to take care of the raw material in the furnace. The next step in the process is to firing department. Engineers make Glass framing and cooling. Then it goes to the carving shop. There the resulting material "acquires" a certain form, turning into a variety of products. These can be as jars, bottles, or dishes as well as medical products such as vials or flasks.

Machines at the plant run almost non-stop - Turkmen Aina Onumleri produces exclusively glass products, being the largest enterprise of this kind in the Central Asian region. In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, products made of Turkmen glass are exported to Uzbekistan, Turkey and Afghanistan.



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