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Turkmenistan's agricultural producers develop export potential

Agrarians of Turkmenistan continue to strengthen their export potential. Thus, Halmamed Amanmamedov, an entrepreneur from Balkanabata in their own greenhouse complex was received excellent tomato harvest. Out of more than 64 tons of high-quality agricultural products, 50 tons were exported to Russia.

This is the first experience for Halmamed Amanmamedov not only to export his own products abroad, but also the first experience of growing tomatoes in the open field.

The newest multipurpose greenhouse complex was launched mid-fall 2020. Balkanabat agrarian has located it in the foothills of Bolshoi Balkhan. The complex allows to grow any varieties of crops all year round, regardless of external weather conditions. At the moment, Halmamed Amanmammedov has planted high-yield tomato varieties. They are allotted for 4 ha square.

As one of Turkmenistan's most experienced agricultural producers, Amanmammedov pays attention not only to greenhouse farming, but also to horticulture. The SPPT member has allotted several hectares of land for fruit trees. And recently he was allocated another 12 hectares of landwhich the farm manager intends to plant fruit trees and different varieties of grapes. Favorable conditions and many years of experience allow the entrepreneur to meet not only the needs of the domestic market, supplying fresh vegetables for the New Year table of Turkmenistan citizens, but also to ship their products abroad, strengthening the export potential of Turkmenistan.

The state supports agrarians. In particular, it allocates them land, which is perfectly suitable for planting and growing various types of useful plants. And the entrepreneurs of the Balkan region are working tirelessly to increase the volume of production supplied to foreign countries and saturation of the domestic market. Already this year three enterprises have sold their vegetables abroad, and in 2021 their number will increase significantly. It is already planned to create in the velayat thirteen greenhouse complexes.


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