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Lebap factory "Çeper" increases production of carpets

Lebap enterprise in January 2020 increased production of carpets and weaving products. The workers of the factory "Çeper" in the first Lebap weavers weaved 845 square meters of products, which amounts to 1.440 million manat in monetary terms. million manat.

Khalach factory "Çeper" of Lebap velayat started its activity в 1986. Currently, the company employs 2,000 carpet weavers. In 2019, they were weaved 9.3 thousand square meters of carpets worth 14.690 million manats. The area of the biggest carpet made in 2019 was 215 sq.m.

The factory produces large carpets on a made-to-order basis 70-180 sq.m. in area. These are not only souvenir products, but also double-sided, landscape, with Derwesi, Beshir ornaments, both rectangular and round, even octagonal shapes.

The products made by Lebap carpet weaving factory "Çeper" are exported to other countries and Turkmen national carpet weaving has been included in UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage since December last year.


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