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Logisticians of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan sign Memorandum of Cooperation

Turkmen Logistics Association (TLA) and the Union of Transport Workers of Kazakhstan "KAZLOGISTICS" signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in the field of logistics. This agreement is designed to promote the development of both parties, as well as to increase directly the market of logistics services. At the moment, it is the private sector that can increase the economic performance of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, ensuring the emergence of additional competition.

Thus, the Association "Turkmen Logistics" (TLA), established in mid-2020, currently unites more than 90 enterprises, both domestic and international. The association actively cooperates with foreign partners in order to form transport routes that can bring maximum benefits to the economy.

According to the signed Memorandum, the parties intend to participate jointly in logistics events, both regional and international. The partners will also develop and implement joint projects to ensure mutual benefit. Logistic companies of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, which signed the Memorandum of Cooperation, intend to participate in projects implemented by international organizations and financial institutions.

The document provides also such forms of cooperation as exchange of data and experience between the signatories, the organization and participation in seminars and training courses of profile orientation, mutual advice, round tables, internships and other forms of professional development in the field of logistics.

The parties aim to do everything possible to create the most comfortable and economically advantageous conditions for cargo transportation. In turn, the increase in the efficiency of economic activity will make it possible to implement a number of new promising projects.


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