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Figure skaters from Turkmenistan delighted the audience with their New Year's performances

On New Year's Eve Masters of figure skating from Turkmenistan The skaters were delighting their compatriots with colorful performances. Not only experienced skaters, but also those who are just beginning to conquer the ice showed their skills to the audience. The skaters showed carefully rehearsed numbers by their pupils of the Metropolitan Winter Sports Complex.

For many years now. Maral Ice Dance Ensemble The young skaters have repeatedly managed to win prestigious awards at various festivals abroad. Young skaters have repeatedly managed to win prestigious foreign awards at various festivals. It has already become a good tradition that every year, on the eve of the New Year holidays The athletes are delighting the fans of figure skating with a brand new ice show. Everyone will be able to see it - during the winter vacations, a TV version of the ice show is shown on the TV channel "Turkmenistan Sport.

Photo: S. Chariev,

Although the skaters' performances are not competitive, it does not mean that sporting passions are bypassed on the ice arena. Each performance of the young talents makes a lasting impression due to the rapid rolls, incendiary music and a whole range of emotions. And all this was possible, first of all, thanks to the hard work of experienced coaches and mentors, who were able to turn the demonstration program into a real battle of fire and ice.

And although the little skaters are not sure that they will tie their fate with the sport, one thing is certain - the acquired knowledge and invaluable experience will always remain with them.

Figure skating - it's not just beauty and spectacle. This winter sport of the rIt also improves your character and body, strengthens your muscles and willpower, and gives you faith in your own abilities.

We wish Turkmen skaters to please their compatriots with new successes and significant achievements in the New Year 2021!



Photo: S. Chariev,

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