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"Mawy Kenar cleans up oil-contaminated Caspian Sea coastline

The joint Turkmen-Canadian enterprise (JV) "Mawy Kenar" carries out activities on cleaning oil polluted zones of the Caspian Sea coast. The works are carried out within the framework of the 15-year agreement concluded between "Türkmennebit" State Concern and "Mawy Kenar" JV. President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov, who signed the relevant decree in February 2018, launched the implementation of the above-mentioned agreement.

This contract defined the main tasks of "Mawy Kenar" to clean up oil-contaminated sands caused by drilling activity or spontaneous oil that has risen to the surface.

Cleansing works are carried out on the territory of Blakan velayat. Khazar was the first city where Mawy Kenar specialists deployed their activities. A high-tech base equipped with modern equipment from companies from Russia, Germany and Finland has been erected here. Installation of the equipment has already been completed and the work on clearing the land from oil clogs is gradually gaining momentum. JV employees claim that after a few years the flora and fauna of the Balkan velayat will literally blossom.

The co-founders of the Mawy Kenar joint venture are the Turkmen companies Hazar Balyk and Gazyk, as well as the Canadian Benel Technical Services. At the moment the enterprise provides jobs for 34 specialists.

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