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The world through the eyes of a perfectionist. Visiting the ceramic artist Solmaz Mukhammedova

Not indifferent Day by day there are more and more people interested in the art of People's Artist of Turkmenistan Solmaz Mukhammedova day by day there are more and more of them. The amazing combination of forms, magnificent harmony It is due to the amazing combination of forms, magnificent harmony of colors and keen sense of perfectionism.

Solmaz Mukhammedova is a member of the Union of Artists and the Union of Designers of the USSR and Turkmenistan, and Solmaz Mukhammedova is a senior lecturer at the Department of National Art at the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan.

Having been multifaceted since Solmaz was a versatile child, and from a young age spent a lot of time drawing and sculpting. drawing and sculpting. Not yet mastering all the intricacies of the ceramicist's craft, the little The five-year-old artist tried to learn the firing and post-processing of her post-processing of her creations.

Also, the young artist found joy in dancing and singing, but then she still went to art school.

Finding inspiration in almost everything around her, the young, enterprising Solmaz began experimenting with shapes, searching for the perfect concept. She soon surprised everyone with her unusual approach to sculpting. Her vases and other pieces of art fell in love with a huge audience of connoisseurs. Fascinated by the images that came from Japan, the proportions and mannerisms of the characters molded by Japanese masters, the artist began to improvise in her work. When she molded her first figurine of a Turkmen girl, it became her trademark. Also, her recognizable works are figures of Akhalteke horses individually inlaid with various ornaments.

Solmaz Mukhammedova's works quickly gained fame with their originality and elegance, and soon they were presented at numerous exhibitions, including those abroad.

Solmaz Mukhammedova Private Gallery

The works of The ceramics artist's works are unique pieces of art. They decorate museums, private collections, as well as household interiors of numerous admirers.

Figurines of Turkmen girls and tulip vases. Ceramic artist Solmaz Mukhammedova

Artist shared memories of her exhibitions, which featured works exclusively in white ceramics. According to Solmaz, the exhibit was a great success and many in attendance were impressed with the choice of colors.

"The color white is a kind message and symbolizes the purity of the soul."

Akhalteke horses. Ceramic artist Solmaz Mukhammedova

It is believed that in each work, all artists have an individual idea, but at the same time, all the works of the same master are closely interconnected by one idea, often bearing some non-verbal message.

"The artist must create beautiful things. His work should inspire in people only noble thoughts and creative feelings, must not be of a vulgar nature and arouse in them their demons."

Sculpture of a girl. Ceramic artist Solmaz Mukhammedova

Letting The visual through the prism of her own perception, Solmaz Mukhammedova presents ordinary things in exquisite outlines. This expression in forms and shades aims to draw the viewer's attention to the way art is able to to express the invisible through the visible.

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