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Poetry in painting. Artist I. Ishangulyev shared the secrets of inspiration

The paintings of Ishanguly Ishangulyev, the Honored Artist of Turkmenistan, won the love of a huge audience of admirers long ago. His attitude toward his craft to this day arouses the indignation of many young artists, for Ishanguly believes that being an artist is first and foremost a vocation, and then a profession, tirelessly quoting the great Diderot:

"The moment an artist thinks about money, he loses his sense of beauty."

Ishanguly Ishangulyev Gallery

Ishanguly Ishangulyev, a graduate of the Ashgabat School of Art and the Institute of Restoration in Moscow, a member of the Union of Artists of Turkmenistan, has repeatedly participated in exhibitions, organized a personal exhibition, where he was subsequently awarded national recognition and was awarded the banner "Golden Age". In 2010, he was awarded the title of Honoured Artist of Turkmenistan. I. Ishangulyev has also been noted at international exhibitions, including personal exhibitions where he was recognized as one of the best artists representing Turkmenistan. His works are widely known in England, India, USA, Turkey, Russia, France, Germany and Uzbekistan.

The works of the master has a distinctive coloring. Often his paintings can be traced in the influence of of foreign culture. However, at the same time, there is also the mannerism of the national character.

Paintings by Ishanguly Ishangulyev painted in India

- I get my inspiration from traveling around the world. - shares, an artist. - Everything around me is a source of inspiration, especially when everything around me is new.

Some of of his most striking works are images of women. "The Woman in the Red Hat. Hat", "Eve", "Princess Radoguna" are some of these works. Each is made in its own style, but everywhere one can see the hand of the master.

- Women have always been an inspiration for all artists. For me, the image of a woman is also a way to express a kind of poetry in painting, to reveal sacred feelings and display them on the canvas.

- tells Ishanguly.

As the master narrates, he deliberately combines many silhouettes in his works, combining some images with others to leave a mystery for the viewer.

Ishanguly Ishangulyev talks about his works

- From the very first minute in the gallery, there is a captivating feeling of being in some parallel universe.

- shares one of the gallery's guests.

Traveling around the world, the artist made a lot of observations from which, later on, the images for his future paintings. Every combination of tones, every combination of every combination of forms was stored in a stock of ideas and turned into a work of art. a work of art. This explains the large audience of admirers of his work, who relentlessly await his new masterpieces.

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