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Peace and social well-being are the goal of Turkmenistan's infrastructure projects

Head of the Union of Economists of Turkmenistan, member of the Coordinating Council of the International Union of Economists, scholar, Author Yuri Aronsky presented a new analytical material. This time, the expert paid attention to the possibilities and prospects of using the natural riches of Turkmenistan. The author noted the huge reserves of energy resources in Turkmenistan - 71 billion tons of oil equivalent (more than 20 billion tons of oil and more than 50 trillion cubic meters of gas).

Yuri Aronsky emphasized Turkmenistan's advantageous geographical positionThe country's geopolitical relations have enabled it to become a link between Europe, Asia, and the southern and northern states. Thanks to effective geopolitics, Turkmenistan is actively developing transport and logistics connections, implementing a number of large-scale projects on construction of electric power, gas and oil pipelines.

The expert noted the priority focus of our country to promotion of initiatives related to the development of regional cooperationThe economist believes that this will allow Turkmenistan to deliver its resources to European and Asian consumers. According to the economist, this will allow Turkmenistan to deliver resources to European and Asian consumers.

In his article, Aronsky gave some figures on the existing transport networks. For example, the launch of the railroad connecting Iran and Turkmenistan contributed to the growth of rail transit by 35%. Thanks to the successful commissioning of infrastructure projects The volume of electricity supplies from Turkmenistan has increased several times. The main importers are Afghanistan, Iran, and Uzbekistan.

A striking example of Turkmenistan's energy diplomacy, according to the expert, is the project TAPIThe completion of which will be a driving force for the growth of the economies of the participating countries. Aronsky also recalled the functioning transnational gas pipeline Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan-China.

To summarize, the scientist noted Turkmenistan's effective energy policywhich leads to the strengthening of our country's role as a key infrastructural link in Eurasia.


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