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OGT-2020 discusses efficiency of Turkmenistan's energy policy

Today was the first day in the capital XXV International Conference "Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan" (OGT-2020). In the building Chamber of Commerce and Industry About 200 delegates gathered, with about 100 participating online via Zoom.

The oil and gas forum began with a discussion of Turkmenistan's energy diplomacy, which ensures the stable growth of the industry. The session was moderated by Head of the British-Turkmen Business Council R. Nash.

As noted Deputy Prime Minister M. Meredovhe effectiveness of energy diplomacy can be judged by the results. One striking example is TAPI pipelineThe pipeline is 1,840 kilometers long and has the capacity to transport 33 billion cubic meters of gas. According to Meredov, the laying of the Turkmen section (214 km) is nearing completion.

The Deputy Prime Minister spoke about the development of Galkynysh deposits - the world's second-largest natural gas reserves. Today there are three enterprises with an annual capacity of 30 billion cubic meters.

China is the leader in imports of Turkmen gas. Today, supplies to China are at the level of 40 billion cubic meters of gas per year, and in the future it is planned to increase them to 65 billion cubic meters. In addition to expanding exports, Turkmenistan aims to deep processing of gas.

The deputy prime minister named four components the investment attractiveness of our country:

  1. Stable political environment.
  2. Sustainable economic development.
  3. Legislative framework.
  4. State Guarantees.

About the challenges ahead "B. Amanov, Head of the State Concern for Turkmengaz. They talked about the further development of the Galkynysh field, construction projects - TAPI, and new refineries. According to the Minister, our country's hydrocarbon resources amount to more than 71 billion tons of oil equivalent (20 billion tons - oil, more than 50 billion tons - natural gas).


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