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Garabogazcarbamide" plant in Turkmenistan summed up the results of 2021

The successes of the "Garabogazcarbamide" plant located in Balkan velayat (Garabogaz city, Turkmenbashi etrap) allow us to state with confidence that in 2021 the industrial enterprise has made a significant contribution to the development of the chemical industry of Turkmenistan. "Garabogazcarbamide" is a plant erected for the purpose of processing and production of products based on hydrocarbons.

Urea produced by the Garabogazcarbamide plant is primarily an export-oriented product. However, the enterprise's products are now equally in demand both in the foreign and domestic markets. The main reason is the modern production process based on high-tech achievements and scientific developments. This approach allowed the plant to demonstrate high achievements in the past year.

In January-December 2021, Garabogazcarbamide produced 989,111 thousand tons of urea and 570,466 thousand tons of liquid ammonia - the latter is the basis for the production of this type of fertilizer. Out of 967.886 thousand tons of urea sold, 455.114 thousand tons were purchased by foreign consumers on the foreign market. Foreign buyers include Russia, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan.

In the coming 2022 the workers of the Garabogazcarbamide plant also intend to achieve high production performance. They strive to contribute to the development of industry and agriculture, using the natural resources of their native land with maximum efficiency.

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