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Turkmenistan to launch online civil registration

In Turkmenistan, in the future, it will be possible to register civil status acts (CSA) in an online format. The project is implemented by the Turkmen government in cooperation with UNDP. This activity is fully consistent with the goals and objectives of the State Program on Digitalization of the Economy of Turkmenistan until 2025.

The implementation of the pilot project will make it possible to "digitize" all the services provided by the AGS records registration system. It will also help to form a unified state register of civil registers for the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan. The project will provide technical support to the Turkmen government to create and launch a digital system. Also, the UNDP team in cooperation with UNICEF has developed a plan to "digitize" the ACS registration system, exploring the technical side of digitizing the existing ACS records.

In practice, according to the results of the state registration of the ACS to persons regarding whom the act record was made, the document is issued in electronic form (if desired, you can get a paper version) with EDS of the natural person who issued the document. It will be certified by the signature and seal of the state registration body that issued the document.



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